Muddy Creek Test Sites

Page last updated May 15, 2018

Lynette Seigley did the first official IOWATER sampling of Muddy Creek on October 18, 2000 at the Oakdale Blvd. Site, now called MC2. The site was and still is used as a field educational site because of the close proximity to the Oakdale campus and the Oakdale DNR warehouse.

Muddy Creek is the receiving stream for the North Liberty Waste Water Treatment Plant (NLWWTP). Therefore when the testing sites were being set up in 2003 a decision was made to test above and below the plant. MC1 was set up at Front Street in North Liberty that is approximately 0.32 miles above the outflow of the plant. Because the land below the NLWWTP is very rural the next accessible site was the Oakdale site, renamed to MC2. MC3 was set up at 1st Ave. to monitor the influence of the Golf Course on the creek from the MC2 site.

Two sites in North Liberty, Golf View and Cherry St., were setup and tested on April 7, 2005 by Jason Egly, an IOWATER volunteer. The sites became part of the JAICWC snapshots while being tested on December 6, 2005. The Golf View site would be called MCB and the Cherry Street site became MCA.

While studying the origin of Muddy Creek, Sheryl Garrett set up two new sites on October 28, 2006. The spring was named MC-Spring and a second site below a tributary and a ball park was named MC-Penn.

There are four other sites on the creek. One site was setup on Beaver Creek, a tributary, in the Fall of 2006. Jason Egly also set up and tested a site by Van Allen Elementary School on April 7, 2005. Barbara Beaumont and Kurt Hamann set up two sites in the rural section below the NLWWTP and above MC2. These sites were first tested on December 29, 2006. One of the sites, Muddy Creek above tributary X, is on Muddy Creek. The second site, Tributary X Muddy Creek, is sampled from a tributary to Muddy Creek.